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REACh ChemAdvice GmbH (RCA) was incorporated in Germany to serve as the “Only Representative” or “Third Party Representative” for companies around the globe so that they can continue to service their European customers under REACh.  We offer an independent, business oriented approach to this daunting regulation.  If you contract with us, your EU customers will be confident that their source of supply is secure since REACh compliance has been assured.  At the same time, we will diligently work to rigorously contain your compliance costs. RCA also has the capability to handle your needs for compliance with the EU Biocidal Products Regulations as well as the EU Cosmetics Directory. 


In addition, we have associates that can help you comply with Turkey REACh, Korea REACh as well as China REACh. Please call or visit our website for additional details: .


The upcoming 2018 deadline for EU REACh will impact many more companies than either of the previous two deadlines.  It’s not too soon to begin planning for this event. Please let us know if there is a chance that REACh ChemAdvice might be of service.

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