Trade Policy

We are well equipped to help you understand the implications that trade policy might have on your operations.  Current issues include, but are not limited to: 

  • TTIP – TransAtlantic Trade & Investment Partnership:  This initiative should have been called the US/EU Free Trade since this name more correctly states the goal of these talks.  Properly construed, it has the potential to completely upend the World’s trade agenda as it ignites trade between the world’s two biggest markets, the US and the EU.  
  • TransPacific Partnership:  These negotiations encompass the USA, Australia, Singapore, 
  • New Zealand, Brunei, Vietnam, Peru, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Chile.  While a 
  • lot of hard work remains to be done, the goal remains to complete these negotiations by the end of this year. 
  • In both the TTIP and the TTP, key areas of importance to the Chemical industry include: 
    • Rules of Origin 
    • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights 
    • Regulatory Harmonization 
    • Tariffs 
  • Duty suspension legislation. 
  • Proposal to update the Dyes Intermediate Appendix to the US Tariff Schedules. 
  • REACh 

We can help you understand how any and all of these issues will impact your business.

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