Confidential Consulting

Because of our experience in the chemical industry, we are in an ideal position to perform a variety of functions, including market research, sales development, creative sourcing, commercial intelligence, site location, plant utilization, divestiture and acquisition studies. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain secrecy, to interpret market conditions, to appraise product potential and to make significant profit-oriented recommendations. We emphasize the practical, rather than the theoretical, because our orientation is sales. Our market studies have covered a broad range of subjects, including news inks, plastic additives, phosgene, methyl isocyanate, color intermediates, optical brighteners and even sewage treatment technology. 


Our activities have also embraced acquisition and divestitures.  We have represented several 

principals in the sale of their companies.  We have facilitated the sale of product lines thereby 

providing continuity of supply to customers and, in some cases, kept production in the USA 

insuring continuation of American employment. 


Product market research services are offered on a per-diem basis.  When appropriate, it is our 

practice to fully reimburse our consulting fees out of commissions earned through subsequent 

sales representation for the product studied.  This is the reason we place emphasis on the 

practicality and utility of the information rather than on lengthy reports.

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