Monitoring Chemical Imports & Exports

We are experts in the monitoring of Imports and Exports in the USA as well as several other lands. Using databases acquired from various sources, we specialize in isolating individual products even if imported or exported in a basket category.  Data compiled using our techniques gives the user a complete picture of the current situation for the individual product in a single, easily understood spread sheet that includes bill of lading details as well as details gleamed from the US Census Department that include actual volumes and most importantly values as the material crosses the threshold into our out of the USA. 


Our clients use this data for many purposes.  It is a great way to gain a greater understanding of the 

competitive landscape for their products, their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as a way 

to benchmark sourcing capabilities. 


We also have experience with similar data for the following regions and Countries:  Brazil, China, 

India, Mexico, and Canada. We now proudly own and operate the Richard F Buhn Company.  For almost 30 years, Dick was the premier supplier of US import and export data on agrochemicals and intermediates. Please visit for more details on this highly specialized service.


Please let us know if we can assist you in this area.  We’d be pleased to provide a sample of our reports 

for a material of interest to your organization, for your further review.

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